Watkins glen Italian American festival

About the Organization

The Watkins Glen Italian American Festival, Inc. is a 501c3 corporation operated by a volunteer staff of five officers and sixteen committee members, who donate their time, energy,  and labor twelve months of the year to prepare for the annual event.  In addition to the festival staff, approximately fifty volunteers help on the festival weekend. New volunteers are always welcome.

Our goal is to provide a fun-filled family atmosphere, and has become a traditional gathering spot for thousands who return each year.  We strive to provide something for everyone to enjoy.

Festival Board

President: Louis Perazzini,  zinni57@aol.com

Vice President:  Kristen Bacon, coke630@yahoo.com

Secretary:  Lorry Johnson,  mlkj4146@aol.com

Treasurer:  Jim Adesso,  jadesso@stny.rr.com  

Chairman:  Don Stocum, don.stocum@gmail.com

Festival Contacts

Advertising, Pasta Eating Contest, Scholarships:  Glenda Gephart, glendagephart@htva.net

Amusement Rides:  Don Stocum, don.stocum@gmail.com

Bell Jar:  Lorry Johnson  mlkj4146@aol.com

Bingo:  Glenda Gephart  glendagephart@htva.net

Bocce Tournament: Don Stocum don.stocum@gmail.com

Craft Booths:  Glenda Gephart/Lorry Johnson, italianamericanfestivalvendors@yahoo.com

Donations & Sponsors: Sally Conti  sallyc54@aol.com

 Don Stocum, don.stocum@gmail.com

Motorcycle Show:  Lorry Johnson mlkj4146@aol.com

Food Booths:  Glenda Gephart/Lorry Johnson, italianamericanfestivalvendors@yahoo.com  

Parade: Lorry Johnson mlkj4146@aol.com,  or Kristen Bacon coke630@yahoo.com, or italianamericanfestivalparade@yahoo.com